Meet the Budget Buddy - the mind behind your money.


Life's Early Lessons.


I started budgeting at the age of 16. My mother introduced me to this concept because as a teenager, I had no concept of money and I would waste water and other items while living with her. She became so annoyed, she made me responsible for making sure our bills were paid. I'd think, "hey, I'm only 16, why do I have to be concerned about bills!" But it taught me a very valuable lesson. It taught me money management. It made me cognizant about being wasteful -- especially when there's a cost associated. Ever since then, I've been on a mission.



It's a Gift.


After a while, I noticed I had a gift, a niche for helping young adults be successful and helping people understand their money. From then on it was just Angela, the budget administrator. I'll manage your money, I'll help you learn new habits and eventually give you the tools for better money management. I help change people's perspective about how they view money and how to manage their money; while living and not missing out on life even though they are budgeting.


What makes me the best?


There are many budget management and money management companies in the market, but I know what makes me the person that I am and what sets our company apart is the passion and concern I have for helping people. I help from the heart and I want to see people succeed and I have a proven track record of success in my life and the lives of others. I know that I make a difference -- even if it's through conversation -- and this is what makes me the best.

Our Mission Statement:

- To spread the message of financial literacy. 


- Financial stability is a lifestyle and not a process.

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Angela Francis-Phillips, the Budget Buddy

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